I Believe in Monsters:
God, Horrendous Evils and
the Christian Faith

About Wince + Sing

Wince + Sing Media provides biblical and theological resources for Christian scholarship, education, and devotion. Reflections, studies, excerpts, reader's notes, and commentary from the perspective of a comprehensively catholic and deeply Reformed, confessional Christian faith are collected here for your enjoyment and enrichment.

The name "Wince + Sing" pulls from a line in a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. In "No worst, there is none," a meditation on profound grief and suffering, Hopkins speaks of those who, "on an age-old anvil, wince and sing." With a view to both sides of that picture, Wince + Sing materials explore the Christian Scriptures, faith, and life as neither naively triumphalistic nor pessimistically fatalistic. It is a life indelibly marked by both "wincing" and "singing" because it is a life lived in union with the crucified yet ascended Lord and lived in hope of resurrection.

In a similar vein, Hopkins also famously wrote of "God's Grandeur" displayed in all his creation, of the splendor of his ineffable glory surrounding human existence and visible to the eye of faith. Wince + Sing provides resources in various media to encourage a thoughtful Christian life in God's beautiful yet harried world, the exercise of faith, hope, and love in the continuing story of his Church. To keep up with the materials collected here, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, your favorite blog reader, and look for the launch of our regular newsletter.

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